learning korean

やっほー。Hikariです。 Hey, it's Hikari.


Recently, I started learning Korean. I've been wanted to study something since I graduated from college, so I made a little time for myself to try something new.


This is the textbook I bought which is very popular in Japan.

初めて1週間くらい経ったけど、単語の意味はわからなくても少しずつ読めるようにはなったかな。(まだ母音、子音、パッチムなどを学び終わったところ!) 最近やっと会話文に入ったところ。

It has been a week since I started, and I still don't know what the words mean but I can read most of the characters now. I just started learning conversations, too.


How do you learn new languages or anything new?


I try to give myself about 30 to 60 minutes a day studying right now. I usually study in the morning after I check all my emails for work and I study and work outside on a big cedar table in the backyard with a cup of rosebud tea. It's so easy to let myself be lazy but if I don't use my time efficiently, I get grumpy at myself so I wanna avoid that. So telling myself, JUST DO IT. lol



I also downloaded this app called "DROP" where you can learn many languages. I'm thinking to start learning some words in Korean once I master how to read the characters.


I would share why I chose Korean but I don't have any reason. I've been studying French on and off for a quite some time but I realized that I like learning the language with Duolingo, rather than just sitting and writing down things. And I still wanted to learn something that feels more like school work, and I've been wanting to learn Chinese or Korean so I just picked the one that was easier.


Honestly, I'd never seen Korean TV drama or listened to K-POP but I'm thinking to start doing that for learning. So if you have any recommendations, please comment below or send me a list ;)


I'll update how I'm doing with learning Korean very soon!

xx Hikari

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