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Hi! Today, I decided to record my January favourites! (And I hope to do this every month in 2019.) In January, I spent most of the time inside because it's been negative 20 degrees (Celcius) in Canada so I worked hard, watched shows and read a book. I'll try to categorize... let's start with beauty items!

Essie #941 Good as Gold
これはクリスマスのストッキングに入っていたプレゼントの一つで、サンタさんから♡(子供達が大人になっても、サンタを演じてくれる彼のママ。) 最近は日本にいる時間が増えたからネイルに通ってるから自分でマニキュアをしてなかったけど、数年前のEssieよりも、断然、質が上がってる気がした。私は何もかもシルバー派だけど、ネイルがゴールドなのは究極にかわいかったので、お気に入り。

I got this beautiful gold nail polish in my stocking aka from Santa Claus! (My boyfriend's mom is our Santa Claus... SO SWEET!!!) When I'm in Japan, I usually go to my favourite nail salon to get my nails done but I DO love painting my own nails. I was obsessed with it when I was in school in New Jersey so I had a couple Essie. I feel like their products improved than a few years ago...  I never wear gold on me but so it was a fresh thing to have on me. And I loved how it looked on my nails so it's my favourite!


Glossier Cloud Paint Dusk
次の記事で、Glossierのことを書こうと思ってるんだけど、初めてGlossierのCloud Paintを使ってみたんだけど、大好きすぎてびっくり。赤っぽいオレンジっぽい茶色なんだけど、色もウェット感もたまらなく好き。しばらく愛用確定アイテムです。

I'm thinking to write all about Glossier... but I bought myself Cloud Paint colour in Dusk for the first time and yes, I LOVE IT. I can't explain the colour: red, brown, and orange all in one. I just love it and I use it all the time now!



I was using Muji planner for a very long time but this year, I just found THE ONE. It's a little secret of me, I love Gudetama (which is hella cute character) so much LOL When I walked into the store and saw this, I had to use this planner for 2019 to make myself a little happier to be productive! HAHA

お金のこと何もわからないままフリーランスになっちゃいましたが税金で損しない方法を教えてください!』 - 大河内薫 & 若林杏樹

(Only available in Japanese, it's a book about how to deal with tax as a freelancer... FUN.)

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World - Haruki Murakami
2019年、最初に読んだ一冊。私は、どちらかというと村上春樹よりもHaruki Murakami派なので、今回も英語版をチョイス。最初に彼が読んで、「お願いだから早く読んで、この本の話しよう!」と言われ、読んでみたけれど、もう最高です。『海辺のカフカ』とは少し違った形のパラレルワールドで、物語の流れに気づき始めた時のドキドキ感と恐怖、深く考えれば考えるほど面白い一冊。今年もたくさん村上春樹を読みます。

The first book I read in 2019. I always prefer to read Haruki Murakami's books in English. My boyfriend read this book first and asked me to read ASAP so we can talk about it. YES!!! I LOVED IT!!! It's a bit different parallel world from Kafka on the Shore. It's honestly fucked up and exciting and as I think more and more about this story, my love grows. It's almost scary to think deeper about this book. I already miss the characters and stories in the book. I'm going to read more Haruki Murakami this year!

Sex Education (セックス・エデュケーション)
1月にリリースされたNetflixオリジナルシリーズの『セックス・エデュケーション』!シーズン1は、たった8エピソード。一気に面白さが話題になり、ものすごい早さでシーズン2が決定したことでも話題に。性教育というよりも、性の関わる(リアルで起こりうるような)問題を一つ一つ取り上げている。性だけではなくて、友情、家族、学校、思春期など、数多くのトピックをうまく1エピソードごとにまとめていて、主人公はOtisかもしれないけれど、キャラクター全員の心情が見えて、キャラクター全員に愛着が湧いたドラマは初めてかもしれない!(エイミーが一番好き。笑 ) 彼とくすくす笑いながら、あっという間に見終わってしまった一作!とってもオススメです。

Netflix Original Series, Sex Education which came out in January. There's only one season now and there are only EIGHT episodes. It got popular immediately, and they already announced Season 2 is on the way! It's not really "sex education," more like "sex therapy" and every character has different sexual related issues. And it's really interesting that this show is not only about "sex" but also, the important topics: such as friendship, family, puberty, school... which I haven't watched such well-made show like this for a little while. Not only that, this show allows us to see every character's struggles and feelings raw.  Maybe the main character is Otis but you really get to know every character and you'll grow love to each one of them. I love every character, to be honest. (My favourite is Aimee!) We watched it so quickly and now, we can't wait for Season 2! I highly recommend this!

Here's the songs and album I listened in January.

Streamer 2-Chome - Tennyson

Don't Feel Like Crying - Sigrid

Assume Form
- James Blake

2018 - 2019年の秋冬プレイリストを冬が終わるまでは随時更新しているので、聴いてみてね。リアルタイムで私が聴いている曲たちです。最近でたのもあれば、この曲好きだからどうしても戻ってきちゃうみたいな曲もたくさんあるよ 笑

I'm also adding some songs that I found/have been listening in Fall / Winter of 2018 - 2019. I'll keep adding until this winter ends so please check it out!! There are new songs and the songs I love too much and I always go back... LOL

xx Hikari

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